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Make your "ways of working" work for you. 

Cars get regular tune-ups–now, so do our teams. Think of this service as your team's routine maintenance to keep the collaboration machine going, and get you to your goals.


During a process improvement audit we'll check on the current condition of the team, assess risk areas, and hone your org's ability to communicate effectively. Expect improved efficiency, high-revving morale, and the best part–no surprise bills at the end. 

As Easy As 1-2-3


Get Acquainted

Surveys, meeting observation, and 1:1's are the name of the game. My goal is to learn as much about your org as possible. 


Get Personal

I'll create a custom improvement plan based on my findings, and tailored to your goals. We'll share it with the broader team, gain buy-in, and fine-tune our approach based on your feedback. 


Get Going

Where most consultants stop, we're just beginning. I help you put the plan into action so your team can focus on doing better work, not adding another project to their list. 


How much time does my team need to invest?

The overall process takes time, but the burden on your team is light. The average teammate can expect to spend 3-4 hours (total) over the first two months of our engagement.

How long will we work together?

Each team has distinct goals & challenges, and it takes time to make lasting changes. That's why most projects require a two-month minimum (max 20hr/mo.), with month-to-month rates available after that. Engagements typically last 2-5 months.

What's the ROI?

While it varies by organization and scope of work, most teams will see a 20-50% lift in productivity and throughput, with noticeable improvements to team morale & happiness. 

Where do we start?

Let's hop on a free, 30-minute call to discuss your needs & goals. This is a no-pressure conversation where we'll chat about the current team dynamics, and determine if my services are right for your org. If we're a fit, I share a proposal, you sign, and we're off to the races.

Do you need access to sensitive information?

While it may be helpful for me to sit in on meetings to observe how your team functions, I am not here to audit your data and backend systems. I understand that sensitive or proprietary information may be discussed in meetings, and am happy to sign an NDA.  

Does my team need a tune-up?

Telltale signs that your organization could be running smoother: lengthy turnaround times, missed deadlines, disgruntled employees, lack of cross-functional support, the Sunday scaries and stress-baking. 

Have more questions? Let's talk. 

Schedule a free consultation today.

The pros of working with a solo consultant

Bigger consultancies tend to come in, tell you what's wrong, and leave. That's where we differ. I don't want to leave your team with more work than they already have.


That's why I embed in the team, get to know the people and processes, and then help implement my suggestions. The plan for improvement is clear, and you have a guiding hand to get you to your goals. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

Let's create a process improvement plan that works for you. Schedule a free consult today.

Thanks for your inquiry. I'll be in touch shortly.

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