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I'm here to help you
think differently. 

As a professional facilitator, I create and run sessions to help your team meet their goals. Together we'll explore frameworks for creative problem solving, while I maintain a neutral perspective. I'll manage power struggles and keep meetings on track, so your team can focus on reaching their desired outcomes, in a timely manner. 

Facilitation Outcomes

Time is money, and my goal is to make sure we're using your team's time as efficiently as possible.


Our sessions will:​

  • Encourage team participation & creative thinking 

  • Generate forward momentum on complex issues 

  • Produce actionable plans and takeaways

  • Improve team dynamics 

Why Facilitation Matters

Encourages collaborative problem solving

Raises issues early and provides space to resolve conflict

Fosters team building & cohesion

Stimulates creative thinking

Helps employees feel valued and included

Enables involvement from employees of all levels

When and where?

We don't need a fancy space to collaborate. A giant office, a tiny conference room–I've even run a collaboration session in a steakhouse. All that matters is that your team is there. 

Company Offsites

Amplify collaboration at your next retreat with structured team-building sessions. 


Dedicate time to solve big problems, creatively plan launches, & look back with retrospectives.

Team Kickoffs

Bring the entire team together and gain buy-in around company goals. 

Is guided facilitation right for your team?

What I love most about facilitating workshops is what happens mid-session. Once we're through the silly ice breakers and people shake off their awkwardness–that's where the creative magic begins. It's amazing what a few guided conversations can do to un-stuck a team. 

If you're trying to solve a complex problem, want teammates to be more involved in decision-making, or need guidance on how to think more creatively, let's get on a call. I'd love to help your team meet their goals. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

Let's create a custom facilitation plan that works for your business. 

Thanks for your inquiry. I'll be in touch shortly.

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