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The way we work matters.

I'll give your team the tools & techniques to succeed cross-functionally.

Whether in team building workshops or professional facilitations, I create and run sessions to help your team meet their goals. Together we'll explore frameworks for creative problem solving, resolve strenuous situations, and learn to create a happier, more human workplace.



Teambuilding Workshops

The perfect way to build community, gain shared buy-in, and consistently educate your team. 


Professionally-guided sessions to help your team meet their goals, stay on track & focused.

Conflict Resolution

Neutralize heated arguments, clarify core issues & get your team back on track. 


1:1 sessions to increase your influence, improve collaboration, and better your work-life relationships. 



Hi, I'm Robin.

After 10+ years of growing & leading marketing teams, I realized what I love most about work isn't the work at all–it's the way we work. Implementing processes, navigating office politics, and most of all, helping my team feel good about doing good work. 

I've been fortunate to be invited to speak at conferences around the world, and enjoy helping companies of all sizes learn how to work better together. When I'm not leading workshops and facilitating retros, you'll find me flowing in my local yoga studio, baking something delicious, or drawing.


Former lifecycle & retention at:


One Size Does Not Fit All

Let's create a tailored plan that works for your business. 

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