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How to convince your boss to invest in organizational efficiency

You feel the pain–the circular conversations, missed deadlines and lack of communication. You're ready to bring in reinforcements to help (👋), but your boss isn't convinced. Here are some quick stats & a template to get them to give up the budget, so you can get the support you need.


Email template (copy me!)

Hi ______,

Over the past [X amount of time], I've noticed a decrease in [metric you care about - i.e. the team's productivity, morale, our ability to collaborate well with other departments]. I believe this change is linked to [xyz factor–the recent reorg, the scale at which we've grown over the past year, etc.].

If we are going to hit our KPI of [insert revenue-driving goal], we need to invest in strengthening our team dynamics. I have been researching solutions and think that Happier Office could help. Here's a quick summary of their services:

[edit the below to what's most relevant for you]

Happier Office provides companies with custom frameworks & strategies to help teams:

  • Navigate change management (scaling, downsizing, leadership changes)

  • Improve morale & productivity

  • Optimize processes

  • Establish team norms & rapport


  • Team-building workshops & trainings

  • Process improvement audits

  • Facilitation & mediation

  • Leadership & management coaching


According to a study by OtterAI, the average company wastes $750,000/yr on inefficient meetings. While it varies by organization and scope of work, Happier Office claims that most teams see a 20-50% lift in productivity and throughput, with noticeable improvements to team morale & happiness. That efficiency would help us be able to [insert upside - i.e. send 3 more campaigns/mo, complete more projects in support of our goal].

I believe our team would really benefit from [insert services you're interested in] and would like to move forward with a free discovery call with Robin, Happier Office's founder, to learn more. From there, she'll share a custom proposal with us, and you and I can meet with her to discuss details. What do you think?


Is this template too general for you? Let's talk and make a plan to make your pitch more relevant to your org. Get in touch by emailing


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