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  • Robin Cohen

Avoiding the "What Now?" phenomenon

Everyone is together at an offsite or on a remote training. You learn a few things, connect with folks on your team, and leave the meeting pumped up. As time sets in, you realize the training was cool, but what now?

What do you actually do with the information you learned? How do you implement the techniques that felt so meaningful in the training, but somehow feel so hollow now?

Check out these three tips to help you translate training 'aha!' moments into your day-to-day work life:

 1. Ask questions

During the training, be sure to ask questions of the facilitator. If the concepts are too abstract, try to ground them in real-world scenarios. Describe a current or past challenge, and ask the group or trainer to apply the concept. Once you're back to your day-to-day life, it will be much easier to remember a conversation around a scenario vs. a lone bullet point in a journal.

2. Share with your team

After the session or offsite ends, share your takeaways with your direct reports, managers, and cross-functional stakeholders. Go beyond discussing overall themes; dig into specific techniques that you'd like to try out in the coming weeks.

3. Hire an active facilitator

Unfortunately, most consultants provide feedback or share ideas, and then leave. The team is often left with more questions than answers, and a new laundry list of processes to implement. That's where Happier Office differs.

I provide hands-on training, inspire ideation, and then embed with your team to help you make measurable change. You won't be left hanging.

Let's shift the question from "what now?" to "what next?"–get in touch for a free consultation today.



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