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  • Robin Cohen

5 tips to up your offsite game

Summer is here, and offsite season is upon us! Check out these five quick tips to help you host the most successful, productive, and inclusive offsite, yet.


Your whole company is finally together (either remotely or in-person). The lunches are ordered, the reservations are made, but what do you actually do at the offsite?

Check out these five tips to help you translate training 'aha!' moments into your day-to-day work life:

 1. Identify & share goals

Eliminate guesswork & reduce distracting tangents by aligning the team at the start of each new session. Even if the goals seem obvious or repetitive, stating everything upfront will recalibrate the group and keep the focus on what matters most.

2. Make space to collaborate

The team is finally together. Don't waste time talking at people for hours–involve folks in the conversation. Do you have a major challenge or idea you'd like to pressure-test? Open it up to the room! You'll be surprised at the support and ideas that are generated in one quick group session.

3. Get personal

People will work harder for someone they know vs. someone they don't. Offsites are the perfect chance to develop real, meaningful, and lasting connection. By opening up and sharing, we remind everyone that at the end of the day, we're all human.

  4. Bond beyond the bar

Keep it inclusive and swap happy hour for a round of mini golf, a volunteer cleanup, or a paint night. Not only are you creating a safe space for non-imbibing teammates, you're helping to create lasting memories that will carry the team through when times get tough.

  5. Hire a pro

Planning a productive, value-driven offsite is exhausting. Cross team-building off of your list and hire Happier Office to facilitate meaningful and memorable sessions.



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